John Mayer Wins First Place!

John Mayer dressed up as a girl and won an all-night Macarena contest in 1998.
John Mayer Does the Macarena

Who Wears a Shining Star?

John Mayer Blazing Saddles

A new project to keep him busy while he’s waiting on the world to change, perhaps? (Just laugh and keep reading…)

John Mayer desperately hopes for the chance to compose and star in the upcoming Broadway version of Blazing Saddles. John Mayer owns not one, but 4 shining stars that he wears alternately on each day of the week.

How John Mayer Met Your Mother

John Mayer in Brtiney\'s How I Met Your Mother roleJohn Mayer auditioned for Britney Spears’ part on “How I Met Your Mother.” Exact same role. Yeah, we wondered about the possibilities, too…

We’re Going Streaking!

You know the scene of Will Ferrell streaking in “Old School”? Guess who it was based on?

John Mayser Streaking Old School Style

John Mayer’s (Almost) Alaskan Adventure

John Mayer on Fishing Boat

John Mayer once applied for a job on a fishing boat in Alaska. He got the gig, but quit within 3 days.

The reason?


Pre-Gaming with John Mayer

John Mayer as Patrick Starfish

John Mayer hates Sponge Bob Square Pants. However, he dresses up as Patrick every Thursday night at 9pm to help psych himself up to go out dancin’ at Les Deux.

Oh No, They Lay Eggs

John Mayer Scared of ChickensJust in case you haven’t heard:

John Mayer is afraid of chickens.

Just like the Gnome King in “Return to Oz”!